Anthropologie et le Défi cognitif (L) (Collège de France) (French Edition)

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By: Chiara Montini. Publication Date: 01 Jan By: Maria de Jesus Cabral. The Fiction of Octave Mirbeau. By: Robert Ziegler. By: Eric Gatefin. Volume By: Sjef Houppermans. Editor s : John E.

Women, Literature and the Left in s France. By: Angela Kershaw. Samuel Beckett and Philosophy after Deleuze and Guattari. By: Garin Dowd. The Lyric Subject in Verlaine and Rimbaud.

L'anthropologie, première partie

By: Seth Whidden. Experimentation with Signs. By: Nina Parish. By: Mireille Naturel. By: Sylvain Santi.

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  4. By: Jean-Yves Laurichesse. Editor s : Paul Gifford and Marion Schmid.

    (University of Paris-Nanterre)

    Essays on Pedagogy and Literature in 17th-Century France. Editor s : Anne L. Enfants de survivants et survivants-enfants. Editor s : Annelies Schulte Nordholt. Readings of Gary, Kristof, Kundera and Semprun. By: Tijana Miletic. By: Peter James Turberfield. Women, race and origins in the writings of Albert Camus.

    By: Christine Margerrison. By: Hannah Westley. Variantes romanesques du voyage chez J.

    Présentation de la revue

    By: Isa Van Acker. By: Annelies Schulte Nordholt. Eleven Studies. By: Michael Bishop.


    L’anthropologie en guerre

    By: Jean-Louis Cornille. By: Michael Harrigan. Earth Sciences and French Culture By: Paul Claes. Editor s : David Evans and Kate Griffiths. Asian Elephant Conservation : Too Elephantocentric? Drawing from the example of Asian elephant Elephas maximus conservation in Laos, this article p In the second part, I will present some ethnographic notes collected among local population who daily live and work with pachyderms. These notes will help in opening up a broader and more ecocentric approach of elephant conservation by highlighting links between biological and cultural diversity.

    By revealing the cosmo-ecological view of elephants as thought locally, I will then propose an enlarged vision of elephant conservation. Save to Library Edit. Elephant tuberculosis as a reverse zoonosis. Postcolonial scenes of compassion, conservation, and public health in Laos and France. In the last twenty years, a growing number of captive elephants have tested positive for tubercul This article discusses two localities where this concern has produced significant mobilizations to ask about the postcolonial resonances of this global response.

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    The first case focuses on epidemiological studies of elephant TB in Laos launched by international organizations involved in conservation, and on the role of traditional elephant workers mahouts in the daily care for elephants. The second describes the finding by veterinarians of two elephants suspected of TB infection in a French zoo and the mobilization of animal rights activists against the euthanasia of the pachyderms.

    The article shows that while, in the recent past, in France elephants were considered markers of exoticism and in Laos as coworkers in the timber industry, they are now considered to be endangered subjects in need of care, compassion, and conservation. This analysis contributes to the anthropology of relations between humans and elephants through the study of a rare but fascinating zoonosis.

    1. Community: 2nd edition (Key Ideas).
    2. United States, Washington, 19 June 2013.
    3. Unleashed.
    4. Takers III: Bloodlines: A Different Kind of Urban Vampire.
    5. Drawing on an ethnographic study of the different work sequences undertaken by the Khamtis and their elephants in Northeast India, this article aims to examine the implications of working with animals. Drawing on video recordings, interviews and anecdotes collected in the field, it presents and analyses two of the main activities carried out by and with elephants in Khamti society. The analysis reveals that for each of these activities, the shared experiences and mutual understanding of both the pachyderms and the humans they work with are crucial to the realisation of tasks.

      Why the Khamti did not domesticate their elephants? Building a hybrid sociality with tamed elephants. Vigne eds , Hybrid Communities. This chapter aims to highlight the perceptions of an indigenous population, the Khamti, who live The Khamti do not breed but capture elephants in the forest and integrate them into the village. He is giving two lectures, one at Chia-yi on the topic. She is speaking on the topic. On 21 July p. On June 5, p. He is talking on the topic. On May 11 beginning at 10 a.

      She is presenting a talk entitled. On April 28 from 2 to 6 p. On April 13 at 2 p. On April 12 and 13 Kuo Liying is taking part in a workshop organized by Dr. The topic of her presentation is. He is also continuing his research at the British Library and the British Museum. He is presenting his research on real estate in urban settings and on "living in the city" in late impireal China.

      On January 20 and 21, at the invitation of the Friedrich-Alexander University in Erlangen-Nuremberg as part of the colloquium Between Science and Divination: Modes of Ordering the World organized to mark the th anniversary of the birth of Shao Yong , Alain Arrhault is giving a talk on Shao Yong's phonology and also taking part in a round table discussion on Shao Yong and divination. At the same conference Dominic Goodall is also giving two lectures entitled. On January 5, at 10 a. At the invitation of Dr. Vincenzo Vergiani, director of the project "The intellectual and religious traditions of South Asia as seen through the Sanskrit manuscript collections of the University Library, Cambridge", Dominic Goodall talks on.

      Luca Gabbiani is taking part in the international colloquium on The Revolution and the evolution of society at the end of the Qing dynasty , organized by the Institute for Manchu History at the Peking Academy of Social Sciences. His address deals with the transformation of the pattern of city government in Peking at the end of the Qing dynasty.