Britain, America, and the Vietnam War (International History)

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For his next book, Conflict and Confrontation in South East Asia, : Britain, the United States, Indonesia, and the Creation of Malaysia Cambridge University Press, , he looked at the process by which the federation of Malaysia was created as British decolonization gathered pace in the s, the way this helped to trigger conflict with Indonesia, and the attitude of the United States toward these events as its own involvement in the region deepened.

This large-scale project on UK nuclear weapons policy has taken him into many aspects of post international history, including US-Soviet relations, the development of NATO strategy, and strategic arms control.

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Professor Jones is continuing work, now under the auspices of the Ministry of Defence, toward a third and concluding volume of the official history series on the UK strategic nuclear deterrent which will cover the period between and Anthony Eden, Anglo-American Relations and the Indochina Crisis Bloomsbury revisits a Cold War episode in which British diplomacy played a vital role in settling a crucial question of international war and peace. Kennedy Presidential Library, the Lyndon B.

UK Policy in Indo-China, 1943-50

Other titles: Head of Department. The book examines Eden's vital role in settling a crucial question of international war and peace, which culminated in the Geneva Conference on Indochina. McNamara on 16 June The speech featured passages decrying the existence of separate, national nuclear forces within the Northern Atlantic Treaty Organisation. Read the article. On 15 March , Professor Matthew Jones spoke at the Royal United Services Institute on the subject of his recently published two volumes dealing with the history of the UK strategic nuclear deterrent, His talk focused on the strategic, political and diplomatic considerations that compelled British governments, in the face of ever-increasing pressures on the defence budget, to persist in their efforts to develop nuclear weapons and to deploy a credible nuclear force, as the age of the manned bomber gave way to the ballistic missile.

Read more about the event in the RUSI's website. Written with full access to the UK documentary record, Volume I of The Official History of the UK Strategic Nuclear Deterrent examines how British governments after tried to build and then maintain an independent, nationally controlled strategic capability, and the debates this provoked in official circles. Volume II examines the controversies that developed over nuclear policy following the arrival in office of a Labour government led by Harold Wilson in October that openly questioned the independence of the deterrent.

Both volumes are of much interest to students of British politics, Cold War history, nuclear proliferation and international relations. Written with full access to the UK documentary record, both volumes are of much interest to students of British politics, Cold War history, nuclear proliferation and international relations.

Margaret Gowing studied at LSE between and She went on later to become the doyenne of British nuclear history and was appointed the first Professor of the History of Science at the University of Oxford in Richard Moore from Kings College London then spoke on her subsequent volumes, Independence and Deterrence , co-written with Lorna Arnold, which covered the years between and , the year when Britain conducted its first nuclear test. Only a small percentage of Americans believed their government was evil or sympathized with the Viet Cong. But many began to feel it was time to cut losses.

President Nixon signed a ceasefire in January that formally ended the hostilities.

In , communist forces from the north overran the south and unified the nation. Neighboring Cambodia and Laos also became communist dictatorships. At home, returning Vietnamese veterans found readjustment and even acceptance difficult. The scars of Vietnam would not heal quickly for the United States. The legacy of bitterness divided the American citizenry and influenced foreign policy into the 21st century.

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