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Owen Morgan Edwards

Cartrefi Cymru Co-operative used to be a very good but fairly typical, top-down, charitable provider of social care. All rights reserved. Site created by IT Pie. Registered Charity: Registered Company: Yes - Got It, hide message. Welcome Cartrefi Cymru Co-op is a not for profit organisation. Who We Are The main thing we are is people, employees, people we support and s of friends, family and supporters. What We Do Cartrefi supports people to live good lives in the community.

Then Ashworth rocks up in Leicester, having had no previous links there, having been considering other seats. Leicester — site of a former paedophile gang which had close links to Westminster and was concealed by the NHS. Oh and Brown lives and works there as well, the Brown who, when Ashworth decided that Leicester was the place for him, had published with me on the abuses of the mental health services in north Wales and elsewhere.

Jon Ashworth sought the nomination for Leicester when it became clear that Operation Pallial was going to re-open investigations into the abuse of kids in north Wales and that there was going to be a national inquiry into organised sexual abuse. They are already among the most highly paid people in the country and the health outcomes for people in the UK are among some of the worst in Europe and it is nothing to do with Tory Cuts you big idiot.

When I lived in Leicester in the autumn of , as well as Sue Townsend, there was another local person who had become famous whom I was told still had a house in Leicester and jetted back and forth between there and his place in the US — the old crooner Engelbert Humperdinck. Humperdinck is not one of those who has been named and shamed in the recent spate of stories regarding ageing stars who stand accused of sexual misconduct, but when he was younger, Humperdinck was involved in a spat with the mother of his illegitimate child, who had to take Humperdinck to court to enforce maintenance payments.

Just months after I heard about Humperdinck owning a house nearby when I was living in Leicester, I was working at the University of Surrey at Guildford and one of the PhD students said that there had been an Engelbert Humperdinck concert in Guildford the previous night and because the students thought that the very notion of such a thing was such a laugh, some of them went. Humperdinck was described to me in a highly negative way, as it was explained that during the concert he kept trying to grab hold of the young female students to drag them up on stage with him for a grope-lite fest, whilst he refused the many offers of women in their 50s who had paid good money to go and see him because they were actually fans of his, rather than because they wanted to experience the spectacle of a ridiculous old crooner with an equally ridiculous name.

Humperdinck is a Roman Catholic who makes a point of trying to visit a cathedral when he is on tour wherever he is on the planet. I am not someone who believes that all Catholic priests are molesters, but the combination of Englebert, Leicester and Catholicism is worrying. Sue Townsend was no doubt proud of him.

Longmuir was by that time working as an Angel at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, having worked there since He was suspended from his job as an Angel but later returned to nursing. The Rollers came from Edinburgh. Edinburgh medics see themselves as far superior to the vulgarians in London. They do get things badly wrong in Edinburgh though, even in circumstances where one would imagine that the Top Docs would be taking extra care. Over the next three months, Smith gave up smoking, lost three stone and began mountain walking.

He returned to Parliament in Jan Regarding those rumours about the Rollers having been sexually used by their manager Tam Paton. In , Les McKeown said that Paton had raped him. There was cocaine and cannabis. Chris Denning was always there. He would come up from London especially. He was just an animal.

We want to make Wales a great place to grow older

Les [singer McKeown] pulled Tam off me a couple of times when he tried to rape me or he spiked my drink. Paton always insisted that the boys at his parties — many of them runaways or children in care — were over 16 and willing participants. He got you in a trap, he got you addicted to drugs. He was vile. The boys were anything from eight up to, well, after 17 or 18 they were too old for him. Pat McGlynn also suggested that drug addicts would willingly bring their children to Paton in exchange for a free high, while still more youngsters were flown in from abroad — sent to Scotland by their unwitting families with hopes of achieving pop stardom.

The boy had been drugged and repeatedly raped by a number of men, although the resulting Operation Planet investigation — which was rumoured to involve prominent legal figures — eventually led to just one man being jailed.

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Dr Sarah Nelson stated that many survivors of the paedophile ring were afraid to speak out because they had become involved in drugs and petty crime and because they feared Paton and his associates. Pat McGlynn alleged that Paton was violent and kept guns at his house. Paton and the young men co-existed with a number of Dobermans and Staffies. Paton died at his Edinburgh home in , after several years of serious health problems which, he boasted, were treated on the NHS, although he could have easily afforded private care.

Early last month — July — it was reported that Alan Longmuir, a founder member of the Rollers and the brother of the paedophile Angel Derek, had died.

Hafod - Housing, Support and Care Services Across South Wales

Alan was 70 and died in hospital after becoming ill in Mexico. Last week, it was reported in the Scottish press that another member of the original Rollers line-up had just died when his house caught fire.

Achieving Great Things - Together

The success of the Bay City Rollers led to the formation of another Scottish band in with a similar image, Slik. One member of Slik subsequently became a big name in more serious music circles and spoke of his embarrassment at being packaged in the way that Slik was — Midge Ure. Lynott was an alcoholic and heroin addict who collapsed at his home in Kew in Dec Lynott died in intensive care in Jan The song is the second highest selling single in UK chart history.

St Bob has famously lost both his former wife, Paula Yates and Peaches, one of his daughters with Paula. They both died of drug overdoses. Peaches died from a heroin overdose and no-one could understand why because she had given it up ages ago. Paula died after being in the care of Top Docs for serious depression after her partner Michael Hutchence hung himself.


Paula maintained that Hutchence did not kill himself but she was denounced as a mad grieving woman. Paula was found dead after a heroin overdose. Paula spent her early life in north Wales. She lived at Llandudno and went to the primary school in Rowen, the village where the family lived after moving from Llandudno, as well as to Ysgol Aberconwy and Penrhos College. For more information about the deaths of Michael Hutchence, Paula and Peaches and the numerous inconsistencies in the explanations for those deaths, see previous posts.

Ure himself lost a house that was destroyed in Montserrat. McLaren was callous and highly exploitative, as was demonstrated by his response to the disaster involving Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungeon. I am still waiting for Dame Viv to tell us all why some expensive Top Doctors went to the law to prevent Adam Ant aka Stuart Goddard from talking to the media and what happened to Stuart Goddard in an NHS secure unit after he had a breakdown that upset him and his friends so much. In the late s, prior to the success that Steve Strange and Midge Ure had with the group Visage, Strange and Visage partner Rusty Egan began to make a name for themselves as a nightclub host and DJ respectively.

During the mids, Strange promoted nights at the Emporium nightclub in Soho, London. Steve Strange was bisexual and for many years was addicted to heroin.

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In later years he moved back to Wales, to Porthcawl, suffered a nervous breakdown and was hospitalised in south Wales. In court, he was found guilty and given a three-month suspended sentence. Steve Strange had a very bad relationship with his dad, who killed himself in Rhyl. By the late s, George had been struggling with heroin addiction for many years.

Addictions to other drugs soon followed. George won the court case against the Rudetskys and was not required to pay any damages. George denied that the drug was his. In court on 1 February , the cocaine possession charge was dropped and George pleaded guilty to falsely reporting a burglary. On 17 June , a Manhattan judge issued a warrant for the arrest of Boy George after he failed to appear in court for a hearing on why George wanted to change his sentence for the false burglary report.

He was given early release after four months on 11 May George was required to wear an ankle monitor and submit to a curfew for the remainder of his sentence. Hadley enjoys telling everyone that he has never claimed benefits. I rather suspect that if he was ever in need of money, Hadley would be capable of doing something far more unscrupulous than claiming benefits. As well as Hadley, an actress from East Enders featured who was by far the most talented of anyone on the show and seemed a really nice, generous, fair player.

Hadley behaved appallingly and used every dirty trick possible to put this young woman out of action. His behaviour was so bad that it would have warranted his removal from the show, but no, the big meathead won and was filmed gloating and banging on about his future as a Tory MP. Perhaps Hadley would like to enlighten us about the drugs and trafficking scene of which he witnessed so much when he was singing those boring Spandau Ballet songs back in the 80s.

Hadley grew up in the Islington area and his mother worked for the local District Health Authority. Lena came from the Isle of Bute, off the coast of West Scotland and had led a very quiet life until she was about nine.

Cartrefi Cymru Co-Operative Limited

I presumed that her parents went with Lena to London, but it transpires that they just took her there and stayed a few days before coming home, leaving her in the care of her manager, Dorothy Solomon, who very obviously had no idea about looking after a little girl. Dorothy Solomon was the wife of Phil Solomon, the music industry executive who was co-director of Radio Caroline.

Lena then never really saw her parents or Scotland again, she was being taken off to places like Japan and America and had her nose to the grindstone.