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Now seventy-six, he arrives six days a week before seven to stand alongside his wife, Marilyn, smothering pork parts and cooking down pots of greens.

Thirty pounds of mustards and eight pounds of collards go into that pot each morning. By eleven, when his regulars gather out front, those greens have col lapsed into a pork-bobbed heap that tastes vaguely sweet and appropriately sharp and reminds me that, no matter my crush on new flavors and influences, the cooking that stirs my soul often relies on the back-and-forth of leafy greens and smoked pig. Spooned onto a white plate, alongside a spreading lagoon of red beans and two mounds of white rice, the greens at Hurst taste like a proof of concept for the generational transfer of knowledge.

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They coax flavor and sustenance. At Hurst, menu references to smothered this and smothered that broadcast devotion to this style of cooking—and to the women and men who depend on back-of-the-stove dishes to fuel their work. Ten family members work the kitchen and dining room here. But when you step to the counter at the rear of the restaurant, her smile is wide and genuine. By the time the song ended, the front parking lot was full, the side-street parking was gone, and the line for smothered ribs and greens was six deep.

They core and chop cabbage.

A Taste of Kentucky Cajun

They wash grit from mustards and turnips. And they cook those greens down until they turn soft and velvety. Subscribe today and save. Great Greens. Edge Louisiana Restaurants. Sponsored Stories. Related Stories:. Trending Stories: 49 Slideshow. Old Market Lane Farm is an eight-acre farm located in Hammond, Louisiana, that we have been working with for eight years.

Our restaurants utilize their leeks, blueberries, summer squash and any extra eggs Carolyn may have. Peeps Farms is a poultry farm located in Carriere, Mississippi that specializes in yard eggs with love. Perilloux Farm is a six-acre farm in St.

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Charles Parish owned by the friendly farmer, Timmy Perilloux, who we have been purchasing from for the last 10 years. Poche Family Farm is a small vegetable farm located in Independence, Louisiana that we have worked with for five years. The farm is a family venture run by Albert and Charise Poche along with their children Billie and Camille, that resulted out of a desire to eat well.

While their produce is not certified organic, they focus on sustainable agriculture by using cover crops, organic pesticides and natural fertilizers wherever possible. Two Dog Farm is a small family farm located in Flora, Mississippi. Owned and operated by Van and Dorothy Killen, Two Dog Farms specializes in seasonal field grown produce using sustainable and natural growing methods to ensure the healthiest produce available.

Veggi Farmers Cooperative is a group of local farmers and fisherfolk dedicated to providing the highest quality local produce and seafood to the Greater New Orleans area. VEGGI was established following the effects of the BP oil spill on the Vietnamese community and was developed to provide sustainable economic opportunities in urban agriculture. Back Home. The food was crazy out-of- this-world good and people are still talking about it. We felt very taken care of on the day of the wedding.

The cost was very reasonable and they were flexible in working with our budget and special requests. We are beyond thankful we chose them for an easy, no-stress wedding experience!

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Their team worked with us from London to make sure that everything was perfect. It was so beautiful and just the right size. I could go on and on about how much I loved Calcasieu but let me end by saying, Calcasieu gave us the perfect wedding. Together they bring a distinctive blend of passion and culinary experience to your event. When you have a different locale in mind, we can bring the Calcasieu experience to you—in your home or at a location of your choosing. We use locally sourced ingredients to deliver authentic flavors from Cajun country and across the South.

Our menus are crafted to meet your needs and to make your event as personal as you wish. Conveniently located just two blocks from the Convention Center, Calcasieu offers four private dining rooms, which combine a New Orleans Warehouse feel with modern design, creating a perfect backdrop for any type of gathering. Inspired by the legendary philanthropist Patrick F.

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The beautifully renovated space with its rooftop overlooking the downtown skyline offers the perfect setting for weddings, corporate events and private parties. Calcasieu hosts wedding receptions, rehearsal dinners and post-wedding brunches. We also arrange for and cater wedding celebrations at any venue of your choice.

Our largest space which features the main bar. We can focus live music, dancing and food stations in this space as well as standing cocktail tables and small cabaret tables for seating.

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Ideal for an interactive experience such as as Moonshine or Bourbon tastings. Calcasieu caters events of all types and sizes, including Mardi Gras balls, weddings, outdoor Fais-Do-Dos and chef-driven gatherings at private homes. We are passionate about what we do, and dedicated to providing you a memorable experience. Our team will work with you to create an event that meets your individual needs.

Tchoupitoulas Room The Tchoupitoulas Room is located along the street of the same name with views of the historic area through the original wood sash windows. Higgins Room The Higgins Room is Calcasieu's largest room boasting an open floor plan with access to the main bar. Wine Room The Wine Room offers the most private dining experience, accented with hand-crafted, cherry wood furnishing by a local artist and carpenter.

Mezzanine The Mezzanine at Cochon restaurant accommodates semi-private gatherings. Jessica Jackson Catering Coordinator jessica calcasieurooms.

follow Aileen Paraguay Event Manager aileen calcasieurooms. The Farms Please find here a listing of some of the farmers we are proud to work with on an ongoing basis. Compostella Farm Compostella is a certified organic vegetable farm specializing in salad greens located in Tickfaw, Louisiana. Good Food Beginning as a demonstration garden, The Good Food Project has expanded to over 75 active school and community gardens that grow vegetables, fruit and herbs. Inglewood Farm Inglewood Farm, ran by members of the Keller family, is an agricultural operation on Inglewood Plantation located in Alexandria, Louisiana.