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When the thinking mind takes a break for even a few seconds, a kind of relaxed awareness replaces the usual stream of thoughts. We need to encourage this and not fill this space with anything else; just let it be. Some people describe the fifth step as peace, others as freedom, and yet others as a great vastness. Usually when we experience the gap we have a tendency to want to fill it up immediately; we are uncomfortable with empty space. In the fifth step, rather than filling this space, rest there.

Although the method of personifying a fear or neurosis is not unfamiliar in Western psychology, the value of the five-step practice of feeding your demons is quite different, beginning with the generation of an altruistic motivation, followed by the body offering which works directly with ego-clinging and finally the experience of nondual meditative awareness in the final step of the process. Once we have practiced feeding the demons for some time, we begin to become aware of demons as they form.

Direct liberation is deceptively simple. It involves noticing the arising energy or thoughts and then turning your awareness directly toward it without giving it form as we do in the five steps. This is the energetic equivalent of turning a boat directly into the wind when sailing; the boat travels because of its resistance to the wind and stops when its power source has been neutralized. Similarly, if you turn your awareness directly into an emotion it stops developing.

At this point, if you are able to do it correctly, the demon will instantly be liberated and vanish on the spot. The technique of direct liberation is comparable to being afraid of a monster in the dark and then turning on the light. When the light goes on we see that there never was a monster in the first place, that it was just a projection of our own mind. My body is tensing. When we feed a demon using the five steps, by the time you get to the fifth step both you and the demon have dissolved into emptiness and there is just vast awareness.

Here we are short-circuiting the demon as it arises by meeting its energy consciously as soon as it surfaces, going directly to the fifth step. Another example of a situation in which you might practice direct liberation would be an interaction with other people. You might be sitting with your lover, for instance, when you discover that something he committed to doing has not even been started. You feel irritation welling up. But then if you turn your awareness to this sensation of irritation, looking right at it, it disappears.


One way I explain direct liberation at my retreats is through an experiment. You might try it. Consciously generate a strong emotion—anger, sadness, disappointment, or desire. When you get this feeling, intensify it, and then turn your awareness directly to that emotion and rest in the experience that follows. Liberation of the demon can be so simple and instantaneous that you will distrust the result, but check back on it, and, if you have done it correctly, the emotion will have dissolved.

With considerable practice the next stage becomes possible: Here immediate awareness, clear and unmodified, is already stable, not something you just glimpse periodically. Emptiness, clarity, and awareness are spontaneously present. This is called instant liberation. An emotion arises but finds no foothold and dissolves. At this point we have no need for feeding demons, because we are governed by awareness, rather than by our emotions.

The process of acknowledging our collective demons begins with our personal demons—universal fears, paranoia, prejudices, arrogance, and other weaknesses. Families, groups, nations, and even society as a whole can create demons that are the sum of unresolved individual demons. If we do not acknowledge these personal demons, our weaknesses and fears can join those of others to become something monstrous. Through shifting our perspective away from attacking our enemies and defending our territory to feeding our demons, we can learn to stay in dialogue with the enemy and find peaceful solutions.

In this way we begin a quiet revolution. Drawing on the inspiration of the teachings of an eleventh-century yogini, we can change our world. At the key moment when the wisdom beings descended, Machig magically rose up from where she was sitting, passed through the wall of the temple, and flew into a tree above a pond. This pond was the residence of a powerful naga, or water spirit. These capricious beings can cause disruption and disease but can also act as treasure holders or protectors.

This particular naga was so terrifying that the local people did not even dare to look at the pond, never mind approach it. But Machig landed in the tree above the pond and stayed there in a state of profound, unshakable meditation. He approached her threateningly, but she remained in meditation, unafraid. This infuriated him, so he gathered a huge army of nagas from the region in an attempt to intimidate her. They approached her as a mass of terrifying magical apparitions. By meeting the demons without fear, compassionately offering her body as food rather than fighting against them, Machig turned the demons into allies.

The myth of Hercules exemplifies the heroic quest in Western culture. Accompanied by his nephew Iolaus, Hercules goes to the lake of Lerna, where the Hydra, a nine-headed water serpent, has been attacking innocent passersby. Hercules and Iolaus fire flaming arrows at the beast to draw it from its lair.

John Hagee: My First Demonic Encounter (James Robison / LIFE Today)

Iolaus uses a burning branch to cauterize the necks at the base of the heads as Hercules lops them off, successfully preventing the Hydra from growing more. Eventually only one head remains. This head is immortal, but Hercules cuts through the mortal neck that supports it. The head lies before him, hissing.

Angels and Demons - An Overview |

Finally, he buries the immortal head under a large boulder, considering the monster vanquished. Encouragement that you and your family will not be alone although things are difficult right now. Do not fret thinking you are feeling abandoned, helpers to you will show up out of nowhere even without calling for them. Like the owl swooping in unexpectedly help will appear likewise in such a manner.

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Be well. Where to begin that is questionable. Ive always paid attention to oddities an right now there has been so many i have lost count. I saw a white owl last night on harvest moon ive been praying to see threw the illusion an deciet an to have sone tangable real truths. Beyond that theres been conservative sequence numbers appearing way more frequently.

Was Jung’s visionary phase due to mental illness or an existential crisis?

I really am trueely trying ro do the most best thing at this moment in rine an i know that there is a solution that is evading me. Please help being light ro my scifi supernatural experience. Life is too short to miss the true meaning. A few days ago I was riding my bike to work at 3 am, as I am riding I see extra huge wings flying in a distance and it landed on one of the street lights right above me. I had a stare down with a huge dark owl.

I find it weird that It came so far away just to land on a street light pole that I was getting ready to pass and watch me the whole way.

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I was going to magnetic hill last nite… hour before dusk or so. As the car turned onto the road I saw a Hawk sitting on a pole. It stared at me… turned his head all around to keep eye contact. Then with whispered sound… the Owl with Gold in his feathers and specks in his eyes… lifted effortlessly into the sky. Almost as if he had never truly been there.


But he had been there because.. I saw his spirit. Spoke to his spirit in a flash. Felt like in that moment I saw the spirit of all Owl. The night I came back home an owl came to my window at about pm. I was on my bed with the lights off and it tried to get a good look at me. A bit freaked out, I chased it away and it came back and sat on the other window. I chased it away again, then it sat on the roof for a short while making some owl noises and then went to my bathroom window, it really freaked me out. Ran downstairs to tell my dad, we came out and saw the owl and chased it away, it was returning back when my dad and I flashed out flashlights in its face and it went away.

That night I locked all the windows in my room. Was really freaked out. Any ideas? Consider that Owl is asking you to face your fear of death. Owl is an expert in helping us to see through the darkness of fear to the Wisdom on the other side. I dreamt that I saw an owl smiling at me. I found out that owl is my spirit animal and I want to know how can I overcome to deal with this fear?

Me and my wife saw a white owl the night before a wedding! My wife and I are very spiritual and also study numerology.. If we see anything spiritual or notice a sign we always instantly look at the time to see if our numbers show up. On July 1st my father passed away, taken by cancer.