Comedias: El remedio en la desdicha; El mejor alcalde, el rey (Spanish Edition)

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His health currently renders him unable to travel outside his home; even so, there remain intervening decades of substantive theatre Shepard, Sondheim, Churchill, Kane, Kushner, assorted Wilsons, Mamet, Vogel, Nottage, etc.

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  • Author:Lope de Vega.
  • Comedias: El Remedio en la Desdicha / El Mejor Alcalde el Rey / La Moza de Cántaro by Lope de Vega.
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He has spent some of the intervening decades teaching, as well as writing his own plays, which include Are You Now or Have You Ever Been? Still, the shadow of his seminal collections—which include What Is Theatre? This was the one figure, apart from Shaw, that Bentley most admired and on which he pinned his hopes for the future of the theatre, and the admiration was reportedly mutual. As an anti-Soviet leftist with seemingly equal disdain for hardline Marxists and softheaded Western liberals, Bentley quite literally made enemies right and left—but mostly left. Bentley had watched the event—which was hosted by a former mentee and housemate, Michael Riedel yes, that Michael Riedel , and featured tributes from various luminaries including Kushner —from home via livestream.

Below are excerts from our conversation. From the University of Pennsylvania Press :. With its dominance as a European power and the explosion of its prose and dramatic writing, Spain provided an irresistible literary source for English writers of the early modern period. But the deep and escalating political rivalry between the two nations led English writers to negotiate, disavow, or attempt to resolve their fascination with Spain and their debt to Spanish sources.

Amid thorny issues of translation and appropriation, imperial competition, the rise of commercial authorship, and anxieties about authenticity, Barbara Fuchs traces how Spanish material was transmitted into English writing, entangling English literature in questions of national and religious identity, and how piracy came to be a central textual metaphor, with appropriations from Spain triumphantly reimagined as heroic looting. Fuchs examines how their writing, particularly for the stage, recasts a reliance on Spanish material by constructing narratives of militaristic, forcible use.

Comedias: El Remedio en la Desdicha / El Mejor Alcalde el Rey / La Moza de Cántaro

English literature was deeply transnational, even in the period most closely associated with the birth of a national literature. Recovering the profound influence of Spain on Renaissance English letters, The Poetics of Piracy paints a sophisticated picture of how nations can serve, at once, as rivals and resources.

Felipe III de España y Felipe IV El Rey Planeta: El Esplendor del Siglo de Oro.

Professor Barbara Fuchs leads a great initiative in Los Angeles: diversifying the classics. As part of her work there are available online three translations of Spanish Golden Age comedies:. Vidas paralelas Editorial Calambur Cosens , Esta es la lista de obras disponibles a fecha 26 de junio de y sus enlaces para leer online:. I dedicate this edition to her memory. Eric Bentley, critic and editor, and Roy Campbell, poet and translator Eric Bentley, born in September 14, , is a British-born American critic, playwright, singer, editor and translator.

He wrote: Not only did he lose his life By shots assassinated: But with a hammer and a knife Was after that—translated. As part of her work there are available online three translations of Spanish Golden Age comedies: Lope de Vega, Women and servants. Con estas obras se iniciaron las publicaciones de este blog, por lo que bien vale la pena hacer referencia a esas entradas. Bibliofilia digital: La Dorotea , Lope de vega. Baste con un par de ejemplos. En el acto I, escena tercera, canta Fernando:. A mis soledades voy,. Como siempre, los comentarios son bien recibidos. La Aldehuela, Lope de Vega.

Page 1 Page 2 Next page. The publisher Angelo Tavanno set the number of plays for each parte part at twelve. In the different editions that appear in the eight first Partes, there were many falsifications, unauthorized publications, unsigned plays, works by other authors….

Comedias: El Remedio en la Desdicha / El Mejor Alcalde el Rey / La Moza de Cántaro

This was thanks to the fact that despite the high percentage of illiteracy, the printed plays were a success. To be a printer or bookseller in the Golden Age was a good business. Up until then, Lope had fought in the courts but had lost, so had decided to fight for the exclusive to publish, which he achieved in Nevertheless, the mentioned Parte XXI, took a long time to appear, since from until the end of , the Council of Castile had suspended the concession of licenses for printing plays and novels.

The rules for plays of the time were very clear; they must rigorously follow units of place, time and action. The poet had learned all of this, although it appears he only approached the rules in order to break them. He explained all of this, not without a bit of irony, in Arte nuevo de hacer comedias.

Lope had a tremendous influence on Western theater and his works, although only translated into Italian during his lifetime, were very widely disseminated later, becoming the object of numerous studies, especially in the United States and Italy. Grouping them according to style, action, characters… is also not possible.

Lope is eternally known precisely for that whirlwind of combining and crowding things together, with no marked transition or borders. We can also not make a rough religious secular-social or national division. Because for the same reason we just mentioned, Lope resolves a religious situation with a type of street scene and well developed intrigue, and on the other side: a war scene, heroic, can be performed as a devout retreat.

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And as of January , we must add Mujeres y Criados , as a manuscript copy was found in the National Library of Spain. This piece had been lost according to the literary catalogs. Casa Museo Lope de Vega. Biography What do you know about Lope? Lope's success overshadowed Cervantes's attempts as a playwright. In spite of his popularity, supporters in the nobility, and productivity, Lope was troubled by financial problems. Lope turned more and more to religious contemplation and exercises, scourging himself so furiously that he bloodied the walls of his room.

He died in Madrid on August 26, , more or less a pauper.

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Most of his large income was devoted to charity and the church. His state funeral lasted for nine days. On being assured on his deathbed that the end was very near, he said: "All right then, I'll say it: Dante makes me sick. Lope claimed to have written a total of plays. His productivity was phenomenal: he boasted that he had numerous times composed a piece and brought it on the stage within 24 hours.

Essentially he wrote two types of drama, of which the cloak-and-dagger plays depicted contemporary manners and intrigue, and historical plays based on national legends or stories. The themes for his works Lope chose easily, according to the taste of his audience. On several occasions he dealt with love and honour. A little wear around the edges of covers. There are only a couple of notes written inside in very nice script.

Originally published in English, , revised A bibliographical study of the works of Spanish playwrightand poet de Lope de Vega This manuscript, known as the Daza Codex, is a signed draft, written by Lope between and , near the end of his life. Benefits charity. Historias de Lope de Vega. Con Ilustraciones De Albert. Place Published:Barcelona, Spain.

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    6. It is in German, which I cannot read, but the condition is excellent, with no scribble or writing on it, and no creases or tears, but the pages have yellowed around the edges. Author: Lope de Vega.