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When I feel better I am going to read it again, as I am sure there is more I can get from it. I picked up Digging for Diamonds this morning, thinking I'll read one chapter with a cup of tea - fast forward 8 hours and I have finished the book!

Wedding Day Diamonds

Wonderfully refreshing and filled with humorous insights. I have underlined so much of this book, I know I will be going back to it re-read and really let the lessons sink in. Perfect for Christians at all stages of their walk - encouraging and convicting all in one. The questions at the end of each chapter would make it a wonderful study for small groups. Extremely well written, delightful witty stories mixed with sound God inspired words of wisdom. I feel inspired by Cathy's words to dig deeper and try and find my full potential.

The personal stories of a real life busy working mum made me realise we are all struggling and striving for what other people have or can do instead of using our own individual abilities, strengths and weaknesses to live life fully. Comparing myself to other people is fruitless because they are not me and I am not them. We are all different but still rough diamonds. Lets let God polish us up to our full potential!

All women under 99 need to read this book! It is a well written book that will make you laugh in one paragraph then stop you in your tracks the next to make you reflect and think. It was warm honest and sincere and I know I will reread this book many times. I found the Digging Deeper section at the end of each chapter a help for reflection and to make my own personal notes then the Prayer to carry me over to the next chapter.

I thoroughly recommend this book for individual or small groups.

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  2. Handlungsorientierter Unterricht: praktisch nutzlos? (German Edition)!
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Go on find your treasure and be encouraged. Really eay to read and written with her own voice speaking -so many important truths and will think about this for many weeks and months. Although easy to read cover to cover worth dipping into single chapters for refreshment and reminders. I loved this book.

It was earthy and applicable but the content was rooted in authentic Bible based teaching. Cathy's love of life and her energy came through on every page. The questions were thought provoking and inspired me to want to look deeper into my own life. Is there a dis-satisfaction with your life? Are you stuck in a rut!

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Do you have all that you need? Delve into this fabulous book and find the answers to Gods purpose for your life as you encourage and inspire others to shine to their full potential. Have just finished this book in two sittings!

Really pacey writing and a lively, upbeat style make for a delightful and easy read. Full of fun, including many personal anecdotes, but more importantly, packed with gems of wisdom and challenges to reflect on.

A sound biblical base throughout this makes for a great personal or group study with helpful questions to ponder at the end of each chapter. Can't wait for the sequels, Giggling for Helium in particular sounds like it could really take off!

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This book takes you on a discovery to find yourself and the Diamonds that you have hidden away. Step by step from Identity through to personal transformation Cathy is with you on the journey.

A book to keep and re read and to recommend. When Abram Perez asks Natasha Kelly to put her exceptional courier skills to work for the nation of Israel, he mentions that several men have disappeared or died already in the attempt to carry uncut diamonds from Africa to the Diamond Institute in Israel.

Natasha thinks her wide-eyed dumb blond routine, along with several disguises, will be just what she needs to thwart the enemy's plans. Apparently, these terrorists don't take too kindly to dumb blonds.

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  • Her hotel room is ransacked, her belongings destroyed, and shots are fired much too close for comfort. If that's not enough, she's being tailed by the smoothest operator she's ever met, Dirk Sloan, the movie heartthrob of women the world over. Only, this isn't one of his suspense flicks, this is her life. And if Natasha doesn't figure out who's fair or foul, she could be the next one dead.


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