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Photo via MaxPixel. The Oxford University Press removed from its Junior Dictionary the words aisle , bishop , chapel , empire , and monarch.

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And while some of these words might be a sign of the times—moving away from an England that was predominantly focused on religion and our royal family—that some might think is long overdue, does the word aisle not still have its uses? Or have we all stopped trailing down supermarket aisles, instead waiting for Ocado to deliver our groceries to our doors? Is this the future for our children?

And while we're talking about the dilution of the words available to our youth , back in there was an actual public outrage that around 50 words associated with nature were removed from the Oxford Junior Dictionary. Never mind that these deletions took place even earlier in and we had only really just realised, or that a petition against the move wasn't put together until , we are still deeply offended!

These words included: acorn , adder , ash , beech , bluebell , buttercup , catkin , conker , cowslip , cygnet , dandelion , fern , hazel , heather , heron , ivy , kingfisher , lark , mistletoe , nectar , newt , otter , paster , and willow. Photo via Pixabay. Surely in a world where we have to be more aware of the environment and nature around us, this was a thoughtless move that takes something away from our younger nature lovers?

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We hope this doesn't lead to discouraging them from growing up into our beloved David Attenboroughs , Michaela Strachans , and Chris Packhams of the future! The Collins Dictionary has also added to this word loss with a list of words that are considered so obsolete that they will no longer be included in smaller print dictionaries. These words, before they disappear from before our very eyes, are: aerodrome , alienism , bever , brabble , charabanc , deliciate , frigorific , supererogate , and younker. Be honest… how many of those did you have to look up?

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Even the Americans are at it! Merriam-Webster, possibly America's most famous online dictionary, in recent years removed the following: frutescent , hodad , nephoscope , Ostmark , snollygoster , sternforemost , stylopodium , tattletale gray , and vitamin G more commonly known today as riboflavin. Learning a new language?