For Reasons Unknown

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She has a massive fight on her hands to claw her way back up to the top, and she has to ask herself the question: is it worth it? For Reasons Unknown is set in Sheffield: a city in the north of England which is a character in itself.


On the edge of the wonderful Peak District countryside, and boasting more trees than people, Sheffield is a former industrial city going through a period of regeneration. There are many diverse areas of varying degrees of affluence, and a wide variety of people drawn from different religious and cultural backgrounds.

As a huge fan of British crime fiction, I cannot think of a better city in which to set a series of crime novels.

I have been a fan of crime fiction for as long as I can remember and I am very proud of my ever-growing collection. Recently my timezone was changed to PDT for no apparent reason, and certainly not because I changed it. When I try to do it at the e-mail settings on my Account page, I get the message " Account Summary info has not been changed". This is becoming a serious problem with people to who I send and receive mail.

Some things happen for a reason, others happen for reasons unknown.

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As if he's trying to force the words out through the pain. This song, it just speaks volumes to me. General Comment This is my favorite song of the album as well.

Happy Publication to FOR REASONS UNKNOWN by Michael Wood

I think that he is reflecting on past life events If destiny's kind and he doesn't lose his mind into older adulthood.. General Comment i think the beginning "I pack my case.

the killers - For Reasons Unknown (Live On Letterman)

My Interpretation I agree that this song definitely refers to a relationship from the past Maybe it is the tempo of the song, or the passion in the guy's voice, but it doesn't sound to me like he is telling anyone he doesn't love them anymore Just my two cents. BTW - this is grown to be my favorite song The Killers are pretty much amazing. Flag cattyface on April 03, Log in now to add this track to your mixtape!

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