How to Train Your Cat

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While dogs respond well to verbal positive reinforcement, cats are more likely to shrug off your words while licking their paws in the corner instead.

How to Train Your Dog to Find Your Cat

To them, you become a lot more interesting when you have lots and lots of delicious treats on your person. That means going above and beyond your standard kibble, and breaking out stinky, gooey treats when you start a training session instead, says Petfinder foster mom Jane Harrell. In turn, that could lead to behavioural and health problems down the road. But while kittens have bundles of energy too, their attention span is a little less… shall we say focused.

Martin recommends keeping your training sessions short, to no more than twice per day, at 10 minutes per session. Take slow, baby steps. If you want your cat to use the toilet instead of the litterbox, slowly transition the box into the bathroom, then on top of the toilet, then use an insert inside the bowl, and then remove the bowl. If you want your cat to walk on a leash, let it get used to the leash, and then harness it, and then clip it on for a short period outside in the backyard.

Cat Training: How to Train Your Cat the Easy Way

So, stop letting that principle work against you and get it to work for you instead. Training gives you a more effective way to communicate—and you may even find your cat communicates back. Cats pictured, a feline atop a car in Lincoln, Nebraska are not always independent and aloof, experts say. Learn surprising things you never knew about your cat. To start teaching your cat to do things you want, Ellis suggests training it to come when called. If necessary, reach out with the treat then move it closer to your body to get the cat to follow it.

Repeat until the cat starts to respond consistently, and then gradually call to your cat from farther and farther away. Once that makes a believer of you, you can start training you cat to do more challenging but useful behaviors, such as tolerating nail trims or going willingly into a carrier. Read what cats are really trying to tell us.

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Always break the process down into tiny steps. For nail trimming, start by rewarding your cat repeatedly for just allowing a paw to be touched.

I Tried Training My Cat To Use A Toilet In 30 Days

Once your cat is comfortable with that, give it a treat when you press its paw gently to extend a claw. Step by step, work up to trimming one nail, then more than one at a time.