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Most of the books that we read together, he chooses himself. Choice means both letting your child choose what to read at any particular bedtime or whenever it is that you read.

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It also means letting your child influence which books come into your home. Especially if your child resists reading time, be open to letting her pick books that you think are kind of crummy.

Once your child has become more interested in reading time, you might try a compromise. For example, if you read 3 books a night, let your child pick 2 and you pick the other one. Your child can either turn out the lights and go to sleep, or stay up a bit to hear you read the book you picked. If all your books are crammed on to one shelf with only the spines showing, your preschool aged child will have no idea which book is which.

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Even if it means having to put some books out of rotation temporarily, look for ways to display more books with the covers showing. Break up your book collection into several baskets in different rooms. Younger children and some older children need to move. It might not seem like it in the moment, but children are listening and absorbing what you read, even if they are climbing, fidgeting, or moving.

Some children are better able to concentrate when they have fidget toys to play with. Singalong books and books that encourage movement are another good option for active children. In general, our four year old loves being read to. It reinforces vocabulary for him.

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I wonder why? Sometimes he declines looking at the pages. There are a few things you can do as a parent to nurture a love of reading through this challenging transition. The most important is to continue reading aloud to your child. Read books that are above her reading level, and that are likely more exciting to listen to than the early readers she is de-coding. When used wisely, giving the gift of inspiration helps people change for the better. Find a way to use your experiences to help others make a change in themselves. Great writing is alchemy — you take bits of entertainment, mix in some education, and add a dash of inspiration, in order to create remarkable work.

Writers are like chefs. We all have the same ingredients available to us. The ones who set themselves apart master the mixture of these ingredients. You can master the craft of writing. You may never become a Hemingway, Vonnegut, Rowling, or R.

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The next time you publish something and it falls flat, ask yourself if it contained any of these elements of successful writing. Go back to the drawing board.

My 3 Favorite Books and Why I Don't Like to Read! - with JP Sears

Use these ingredients as your checklist. Let me help you. I spend a lot of time in forums and groups for writers. I want to know what makes them tick. I want to learn about their struggles so I can help them. I want to explore the landscape. Yes, you need to tell stories.


Yes, you need to share your personality. The same can be said for the topics you write about. You can be authentic, unique, and sincere, but your writing has to do one of these three things to succeed.

People love to be entertained. Life can be mundane, even painful. People need an outlet to escape from time to time. If your writing provides that, people will pay attention.