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If your business is based on the user you should care about the experience he has when he consumes your services. How does your user feels using your product?

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If the answer is negative, you have a big problem. When thinking about UX, you have to think about the user. Ask the following questions to your product:. The product or service you are offering works? This is the first thing you want to fix. It has to be functional, rather than fancy or good looking. If this is a web application, be sure that is fully functional and optimized in the web and in the mobile.

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Users are impatient. If your product is slow compared to others, your user will leave. Users expect websites to load in 2 seconds or less. And they abandon the site or uninstall the app if it takes more than 4 seconds. I do that, and you probably also do without even knowing.

UX is based on experiments and validation. The content you offer must be accessible to everyone within your target audience. Users are stupid.


Deliver to them a product that is easy to use. If it can't be easy, so make it to be easy to learn how to use. Again, users are stupid. They will fail. Even your iPhone keyboard has this autocorrection feature. This is not a UX tip, it's more a business one. Are your product or service solving a big or a small problem? That's how you measure impact.

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It's about empathy. If you want to build user loyalty, solve a big problem he has. If you make your user feel better using your product, the results will be clear. Users are expecting your website to provide a good experience. Again, it's a matter of survival. Just ask the hotel industry!

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Airbnb is trumping hotels by offering a high quality, user-focused and cheaper service. What about Latin American carrier services?

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I Should Care

Thomas White. Brought to you by Curio , an Aeon partner. Edited by Sam Dresser. What is the meaning of justice? What is the nature of ultimate reality?

These questions soar above the petty concerns of the everyday and reach towards a realm of pure ideas. The young Socrates, at this stage but an entry-level philosopher, is discussing the foundations of reality with the venerable Parmenides.

Parmenides quizzes Socrates about whether the theory of ideal forms — the argument that particular material objects have correlated ideal patterns, which are the perfect forms of the imperfect things — can include mud and dirt. Can there be a perfect form of filth? Do not try to assimilate every aspect of our diverse experience into grand explanatory narratives.

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The classicist Edith Hamilton, in her introductory notes to Parmenides, suggests that Plato attacked his own theory of Platonic ideas in order to know the truth, not to defend his own preconceived views. In Novum Organum , he argued similarly for the limits of intellectual speculation, and about the dangers of creating idols out of promiscuously generated philosophical systems by exceeding speculative boundaries:. He also expands the use of the metaphor of filth to call our attention to something else closer to his heart: the failings of our modern political discourse.

He begins his argument with a scene from a surreal film from in which people at a dinner party defecate in public:. They are violating traditional, unwritten rules and boundaries that are used to guide public conduct by making outrageous statements that were once taboo.