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Schlimmer noch, er schreitet schneller und verheerender fort als die Weltklimawissenschaft es bisher angenommen hat. Der Tambudzai Nhari, a year-old widow, knows the difference between having property rights in theory and having them in fact. When her husband died four years ago, she inherited three small thatched huts, but none of the surrounding fields that he owned.

And her in-laws even dispute her ownership of the huts. She lives outside Marondera, a town about 80 kilometers east of Harare. Her in-laws see things differently. Tambudzai Nhari recalled participating in gangs of violent fighters that seized white-owned farms in Zimbabwe two decades ago. But since those land struggles, she has never had even a single piece of land to her name. Nhari is one of millions of Zimbabwean women who have no ownership rights to farms or other agricultural property, despite decades of working in agriculture. Like Nhari, many Zimbabwean women face resistance to their rights to own land, mainly from family members after their husbands pass away.

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Lack of land ownership is a significant barrier to income in an economy largely based on agriculture. The country has Yet women have the formal law on their side. All of these declarations forbid placing women at a disadvantage. The gap between theoretical and actual land ownership by women can be traced to graft, says attorney Musasiwa.

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Jeffrey Moyo is a journalist based in Harare. Bewerben kann sich, wer zwischen 21 und 30 Jahre alt ist und in Deutschland studiert, eine Berufsausbildung oder vor kurzem den Bachelor abgeschlossen hat. Dabei begleitet die Reflexion der eigenen Lernprozesse die gesamte Programmteilnahme und steht im Mittelpunkt eines weiteren Vernetzungsseminars im Folgejahr.

Bei Fragen zur Online-Bewerbung wenden Sie sich an: bewerbung asa-programm. In Serbien arbeiten rund Wie muss man sich die Arbeitsbedingungen vorstellen? Die Arbeitsbedingungen sind oftmals sehr schlecht sind. Es gibt keine Ventilatoren, keine Klimaanlagen. Die meisten waren um die 50 Jahre alt. Nach dem Motto: Diese Arbeit oder keine. Erst einmal zeigt es, dass unsere Arbeiterinnen hier wahrgenommen werden. Zum Zweiten ist es so, dass die serbische Justiz sehr langsam arbeitet. Ich hoffe sehr, dass es Unternehmen dazu bringt verantwortungsvoller zu handeln.

Wenn die Produkte nicht ihren Vorstellungen entsprechen, werden sie nicht akzeptiert und sie bezahlen nicht. Despite some early support from inside Saudi Arabia, Islamic State lacked charismatic leaders who inspired broad loyalty and respect and was well into decline by Nevertheless, Islamic State media continued to project a magnified image of its presence in Yemen, possibly assisted by several false flagged attacks.

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Finally the article unravels the conflict that erupted between Islamic State and al-Qa'ida in mid Looking ahead, Islamic State and al-Qa'ida are unlikely to merge formally, and both groups will weaken in the short-term. For jihadist foot soldiers, however, both labels may be becoming less relevant.

Die Ausplünderung der Bevölkerung mit Hilfe von korrupten deutschen Politikern

In the long-term, the prospects for jihad look more promising. Either the current war persists, providing favourable conditions for jihad groups to thrive, or a peace deal is reached, which will inevitably result in disillusioned sectors of the population with whom jihad groups might make common cause. Yet despite early successes in attracting both new recruits and al-Qa'ida defectors, Islamic State in Yemen ISY quickly lost momentum, and it never held territory.

Finally, it concludes by looking ahead to how ISY may be evolving and the possible circumstances that may enable it to resurge — by Elisabeth Kendall. Das fand ein Rechercheteam unter Beteiligung der DW heraus. Die Bundesregierung versichert, sie habe davon keine Kenntnis. Es sei ihm nicht bewusst, dass diese Waffen dort eingesetzt werden, beteuerte der Wirtschaftsminister. Aber nicht nur Kriegswaffen, die sich eindeutig einem Hersteller zuordnen lassen, spielen im Jemen-Krieg eine Rolle.

Germany prides itself on its restrictive export policies, which ban arms sales to countries involved in armed conflict. Until now, the German government has repeatedly denied having any knowledge of German weapons and technology employed in Yemen by Saudi Arabia and the Emirates. But DW, together with German public broadcaster Bayerischer Rundfunk, Stern magazine, the Dutch investigative bureau Lighthouse Reports and the investigative network Bellingcat, trawled open source footage drawn from Twitter, YouTube and Google Earth, as well as news reports and agency photos.

The result: Conclusive proof of German-made arms and technology in Yemen — in the air, at sea, and on land, despite German arms guidelines that expressly forbid exports to countries involved in armed conflicts, unless they are acting in self-defense.

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One bulky vehicle stands out among the convoy of pickups: It is an American-built Oshkosh, an armored all-terrain vehicle mounted with a conspicuous weapons station: The Fewas, built by Dynamit Nobel Defence, a company based in the western German municipality of Burbach. Trawl footage and photos of Emirati forces operating in southern Yemen and the Oshkosh is a common sight, many of them equipped with Fewas weapons stations.

DW and its research partners compared satellite images with video footage and news reports. The team was able to identify the exact location of several Oshkoshs carrying Fewas stations. The most recent example was a video uploaded by the news channel Arab 24 in late , which the team located as having been shot in Al Khawkhah on the Yemeni coast. The team also came across howitzers with German-made chassis and motors firing at Houthi territory from across the Saudi border. So why has the German government apparently ignored its own guidelines, even as thousands of civilians have been killed in Yemen?

Only 60 kilometers 37 miles separate the Yemeni coast from the Eritrean port of Assab located across the strait of Bab al Mandab. According to the UN, the Arab coalition is using "Eritrean land, airspace and territorial waters in its anti-Houthi military campaign. In the air war, too, German technology is playing an important, possibly even decisive role: The Saudi Air Force is comprised of fighter jets it acquired from the US and Europe, including the Panavia Tornado, built by a German, British and Italian consortium.

Many of the Tornado's components, including the center fuselage, fuel system and the engine, are German-made. While its production was phased out in , Tornados and its successor model, the Eurofighter Typhoon, make up a large part of Saudi Arabia's combat jets. The "Khashoggi moratorium" on arms exports to Saudi Arabia, imposed by the federal government in response to the murder of the journalist, ends on 9 March.

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In view of the continuing gross violation of international humanitarian law by the states involved in the war in Yemen, the latest BICC Policy Briefconsiders a mere extension of the moratorium to be insufficient and calls for a comprehensive arms embargo against the war coalition. In view of the flagrant violation of international humanitarian law by the countries involved in the war in Yemen, export moratoria of limited duration, such as the current stop of arms exports to Saudi Arabia until 9 March, are not sufficient. Due to the active participation of other countries in the air raids, the naval blockade in the Red Sea and the military equipment of Yemeni militias, the German government must decide on a comprehensive and unlimited arms embargo against all states of the coalition led by Saudi Arabia.

All of them are therefore to be banned from receiving military equipment from Germany for the time being. The German government must revoke all export licenses granted for arms exports to these states. Die Bundesregierung muss entscheiden, wie mit dem auslaufenden Moratorium zu verfahren ist. Spotlight: Postponement of withdrawing warring forces from Yemen raises fears of fighting resumption.

Postponement of withdrawing Yemeni warring-sides from the strategic port city of Hodeidah has raised the specter of resumption of fighting as heavy reinforcements were pushed to the war-ravaged Rea Sea city. The first phase of the United Nations plan to withdraw forces affiliated to both warring parties was undermined and postponed several times just hours before the implementation, sparking fears of military fighting escalation following a short peace period. Local residents said that both warring sides continued to push reinforcements to Hodeidah instead of preparing to withdraw as planned by the UN agreement declared in Sweden in December One of the residents in Houthi-controlled areas in Hodeidah said that Houthis started to recruit and train scores of young fighters from the city, signaling that a new phase of violence might occur.

Other local residents in government-controlled areas in Hodeidah confirmed to Xinhua that newly-recruited soldiers backed by military armored vehicles arrived on Hodeidah's outskirts. He said that "a number of military training camps belonging to the government forces are still recruiting fighters arriving from southern provinces like Lahj, Aden and Abyan. The Sweden agreement never spelled out which local authority would take control after fighters withdrew. The Houthis hold Hodeidah while other Yemeni fighters backed by the coalition are positioned on the outskirts of the city.

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