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Past Imperfect was the seventh episode of Season 3 and the thirty-second episode in the series Warehouse Claudia and Jinks are ambushed while attempting to 'snag and bag' an artifact and must uncover the assailant's identity. While on assignment in Denver Myka crosses path with the man who murdered Sam, allowing Pete and Myka to uncover the truth about Sam's murder. Pete goes in as a worker to remove a plaque and get at the spike buried in the wall.

As Myka stands watch, she spots a man from her past: Leo Bock, the counterfeiter who shot her partner Sam Martino three years ago when she arrived late to back Sam up. Myka goes after him while Pete reaches into the alcove. He cuts his glove on the spike and a cloud of smoke starts choking him. Myka has no choice but to go back and neutralize the spike, saving his life.

When he notices that she's distracted, Myka says that she almost had the man who killed her partner. Steve and Claudia go to a farmhouse in Wisconsin to collect a doorknob from Ms. Her great-uncle had OCD and collected doorknobs. Once she goes to get them some iced tea, they look for the artifact doorknob that came from the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory. Steve rips open his glove on the doorknob and dunks his hand in the iced tea as Mrs. Hodgson enters.


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As they leave, they notice a dog that comes up to them. As they pet it, someone shoots them with tranquilizer darts. Pete and Myka go to the station's security room and she explains to him that Bock was a counterfeiter who stole plates from the Denver Mint three years ago. They check the surveillance footage and spot Leo going out the northeast exit.

Myka realizes that he took a bus and insists that she knows everything about the counterfeiter, but he escaped her again. Pete suggests that they contact Myka's old Secret Service team, and she worries that they might blame her for getting Sam killed.

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Steve and Claudia wake up and discover that someone has stolen the artifact. They remember seeing a nearby car just before they were drugged, and call Artie. He takes an interest in the dog and tells them to bring it back with them. As she remembers being with him and his telling her to focus, Myka tells Pete that Sam always had a backup plan. Pete knows that Myka was with Sam, and she explains that Sam had been separated from his wife for a year before they got involved.

Myka's former teammate, Zach Adanto, arrives to greet them and explains that he's now the Director of Investigations, the position that Sam would have been up for if he had lived. They meet with Myka's other former teammate, Jim, and go over Leo's files.

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The agents figure that Leo is back in Denver and Myka realizes that he's going back to the mint to get a new set of plates. He's wearing tourist clothing to blend in on a tour bus and gain access to the mint. The four agents arrive at the mint as the tour bus arrives. Myka takes command and Leo spots her. He jumps off the top of the bus and shoves past Jim, and then runs into an alleyway.

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However, when Pete runs into the dead-end alley, there's no sign of Leo. Myka blames Pete for letting Leo get away.

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Once they make sure that Jim is okay, Zach tells Myka not to take out her frustrations on Pete. Meanwhile, Pete times how long it would have taken Leo to get out of the alleyway by using a parked truck to get over the wall.

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They synchronize their watches, time it, and realize that there's no way that Leo could have gotten over the wall before Pete entered the alley Myka goes back to Sam's office to check his old files and look at them as a Warehouse agent rather than a Secret Service agent. Artie takes Claudia and Steve into the Warehouse and shows them Mr. Mental and Coco's Fezzes. Mental used Coco in a mind-reading act, after building a crude MRI device into the fezzes. They plan to use the fezzes to get the license plate from the dog's mind, but Artie warns that there's one small downside.

As Myka goes through Sam's files, she finds his Secret Service pin and an appointment book with a date for a dinner with her marked.

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  • She remembers Sam asking her to dinner and giving her a card, saying that it's a game changer. She remembers Zach telling them that they have a tip on where to find Leo and Sam saying that he'll take Myka as his backup. Jim comes in and she asks him about the card. He doesn't know about it, but says that Sam planned to invite her to move in with him.

    Jim tells her that Sam's personal stuff went to Allison, his ex-wife. Myka goes to see Allison, who admits that it was hard for her to accept that Sam had moved on and became involved with Myka. Allison produces the card and asks that Myka bring her ex-husband's killer to justice. Outside, Pete and Myka open the envelope and discover that it has a musical congratulation card that is blank and plays a song that Sam knew Myka hated.

    The security detail calls Pete and Myka to notify them that Leo has been spotted at the train station again. They go there and meet with Jim and Zach. Myka begs Pete to stay behind so that she doesn't risk losing another partner. Zach, Jim, and Myka confront Leo, who puts up his hands. Myka blinks and Leo suddenly has a gun and is aiming it at her. Zach shoots the counterfeiter before can shoot back, killing him.

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