Pour mon Bien-Etre - Tous Les Secrets (French Edition)

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In other languages. This page was last edited on 29 May , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. He is completely paralyzed. He can't use his hands. He can't stand up. Nothing works. I take care of my dad. He's crippled.

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Afriken n. PC ; Afrik CA. They m ssed the sea.

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They broughtAfricms h m and they sold them. MO 60 ; afran PC. Snub, slight; affront, rebuffade. CA ; fe en afran PC.

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Life mo mn afran. He snubbed me. I don't insult a p yone. She didn't wmt to insult either one of them. Garson - sa - la agas mon. That boy irritates me. PC ; Sa angas mwm. That distresses me. MO 60 ; Kan t apfe kichoz e to pa konen gen li konm t ole , sa angas. When you're doing something md you cm't get it like you want, it's aggravating. CA ai v. I hate to go to John's place because he insults me every time I go the m.

FO aj n. A laj ki mo ye. PC ; San e wit an e l ape pike de koutdepwmt , a so laj la. A hundred and eight years old, md she's making quilts, at her age. I was the ripe old age of nine. She asked Clever John how old he was. He is old now. PC ; Li rondu en bon laj. He reached a ripe old age.

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How old are you? Mo ajen depi bon matm. Mopa mapjejodi.

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I've been fasting since this moming. I haven't eaten today. Me li gen pou et ajm. For croupe, if he has never seen his father, the father only has to breathe into the mouth of the one who has croupe. To act; agir.

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Is that acting hke a gentleman? T34 aj ounou v. To kneel; s, agenouiller. Mo ajnou. I'm kneeling. They tell me that i. To kneel; s'agenouiller. Mo ajounou mon , e mo paye mai - la. I knelt and I spread the corn. PC a jout v. Ac m ; acre. I lock the door. I always lock the door before I go to bed. Every evening she would lock her house to prevent will o,-the wisps fmm coming to steal her money.

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To lock oneself up; s'enfermer. Mo akle mon jodi. I locked myself in today. I don't want to see arryone. To get along; s'entendre. Oh, the Is- lm d is great, it's a good place to live. And everyone there gets along better. We got along well together, my husband an d I. To grant; accorder. I came to ask you what you want. I'm going to grmt it to you, md you win belong to me when you die.

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FO T3 2. If you want to leave, I'm in agreement with you. As for t he accordeon, that's a fast [instr u m m t].