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When a herd of unicorns go missing, it's up to Sheriff Dan Morgan to sift through a cast of colorful suspects to find the real thief.

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A lady believes information she has given has led to the end of a serial killer's reign. Could there be a connection between a wealthy woman's home development project and the jewelry thefts in her neighborhood? Playing stand-in for a famous Hollywood actress should have been the role of a lifetime. The Nearly Ruined Thanksgiving. What's Thanksgiving without almost everyone's favorite dish? Potentially deadly, Becca learns, when her aunt's cranberries go missing. When her father is murdered, Molly Capriccioso is considered the prime suspect, but for the record she had nothing to do with it.

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When a madam hires Jack Gardner to avenge one of her girls, Gardner learns that power and money always insulate the rich from the consequences of their actions. Julius Caesar has to solve a client's murder quickly or risk the collapse of his political career. After her Episcopal Priest boss is murdered, the secretary learns some lessons about pride.

The Bochent Street Bridge Club. Abel needs to sell the Volvo—but the dead man in the trunk makes it evidence until his murder is solved. An English professor, shot dead in his office -- a violent dispute over academic disciplines, or something more prosaic, and more sinister?

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    About Subscribe Submit Books Contact. Cold Feet When a prominent scholar weds a powerful lobbyist, suspicion prompts her to enlist her brother, a former fed, to investigate. By Nils Gilbertson. By Kathleen Gerard. Giving Up The Ghost Belle Lopez, an ex-hooker working as a neophyte private investigator, is obsessed with solving the murder of her ex-boss and mentor, Leo Gillepski.

    By Shea E.

    The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes S05E04 The Boscombe Valley Mystery

    Digging Up Bones Nathan Shields is haunted by the skeleton in his past. By Brandon Abbott. Murder On The First Night's Feast Since Charlemagne, a gathering of elite gourmands in French chateaux country has taken on rules and a reputation all its own. By Robert Mangeot.

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    The Adventure of the Abominable Inn An episode that occurred while the world considered Sherlock Holmes but a shade pursuing houseboats upon the Styx …. By Ralph E. By Chris Chan. By Thomas J. Watson …. By Teel James Glenn. The Two-Body Problem In a tight job market, some academics will do anything to land a gig …. By Josh Pachter. Casualty of the Bidding War John Watson and Martha Hudson attempt to solve a murder without the assistance of their famous friend. By Jack Bates.

    Hemingway's Hat How far will a desperate writer go to find the inspiration he craves? By David Wiseman. Rousseau's Children On the morning of a politically motivated execution, a young journalist sees a chance for the condemned to be exonerated. The Adventure of the Seven Nooses Only Sherlock Holmes can decipher the deadly message concealed within a grisly collection of seven nooses delivered to a terrified client By Michael Mallory. The Body Pillow He started the evening as their rich host and ended it murdered.

    By Benjamin Mark. The Dirtman Johnny Turner is a world class dirtman.

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    By Tony Deans. Foot Chase Brand-new deputy Josh Tumblewhite had no idea when he made this traffic stop that he was going to be interrupting a human trafficking case. Stumped A cosy English mystery set in the s. By Gary Pettigrew. Burn The body of a former colleague is discovered in the aftermath of a car fire, and it's up to Detective Molly Fetterly to find the killer. By Mike McHone. Mutatis Mutandis Having more than you need does not preclude wanting more and risking all.

    By Donald J. By James Nolan. Jumpers for Jesus Who is a better shepherd to the faithful—a charlatan or a daredevil? By Emily Devenport. The Mayfly A dying Morgan Ayers has one last chance to protect his family. By David Bart. By Bruce W. You Can't Go Alone A homicide detective sets out to avenge the death of his drug addict son, but must reconsider his quest when he receives a warning along the way:.

    By Andrew Welsh-Huggins. By Jeff Dosser. By Stacy Woodson. Visitors As a housekeeper of many years, Annabelle had grown accustomed to the whims and oddities of her wealthy employers. By Don McLellan. The Shrewdness of Apes At the dawn of mankind, one resourceful human sets out to solve a mystery after his chief, Ice-eyes, is killed by a vicious predator. By Chris Wheatley. Going South An aging hitman agrees to one last job arranged by his young protege. By Jay O'Connell. Willard When a much loved homeless man is murdered, the killer must be named before a mob renders its own blind justice.

    By Bill Connor. By Shannon Hollinger. A Nasty Bit of Business A private detective is hired by a powerful man as an enforcer, and things go sideways, as they tend to do. By Robert C. Buick An intelligent? By Bob Tippee. The Other Woman A nosy neighbor gets more than she bargained for when she believes she spots an affair across the street.

    By Michael Thomas Smith.

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    Interdiction Who can you trust? Is anyone who they appear to be? By Michael A. A Locked Co-op Mystery The mayor was alone in the locked apartment where his family had once lived. By Merrilee Robson. Russian Dolls A psychological thriller told from the perpetrator's own twisted imagination.

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