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His year-old son, Vincent, a high school student at Rainier, Ore. Donna Whatley, 48, Mr. Whatley's widow and Vincent's mother, is also free after indictment on the felony charge of hindering prosecution. Before her attorney stopped her from talking, she told reporters that her husband was a vicious man who physically mistreated his family.

Whatley told a reporter Nov. Whatley said. If we didn't get hit, it was verbal abuse.

Man’s body found buried deep under floor of garage in Edmonton’s Alberta Avenue

Whatley's mother, Edna Faye Tackitt of Dallas. In a telephone interview, Mrs. Tackitt said, ''Chuck was a fine man who wanted his kids to go to school, and he worked hard all his life. The murder indictment says that Seyborne Jones Whatley, the father's true name, was shot to death by his son between June 19 and The indictment against Mrs. Whatley accuses her of helping conceal the death.

Son and mother have pleaded not guilty in Columbia County Circuit Court. Buckshot and Bullet Wounds. The body was found by officials Nov.

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Medical examiners said death was caused by a buckshot blast and by a rifle bullet. The members of the family who knew that Mr. Whatley had been killed and buried on the farm are said to have kept quiet about it for months. They said Mr. Whatley had left to work in California.

Fontaliza - Under the floor / ELLO UP^ /

Tackitt said. Another time she told me he had a job showing off a car he had built.

Law student's body found buried under floor of his landlord's house

She said Chrysler hired him to take it around the country. Tackitt, who is They had a dog show. She was the high-wire girl. Chuck wanted his boys to go to school and make something of themselves, but she always told them they didn't need school. Tackitt also said she had lived on the Whatleys' acre hillside farm for two years.

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As she left court on Monday after pleading not guilty, Mrs. Whatley was asked to comment on her mother-in-law's statements. She declined. In-Laws Had Been Told. Tackitt said relatives of the wife of Steve Whatley, 21, her oldest grandson, were told the truth after repeatedly asking where Mr. Whatley had gone. She said Neal worked as a pot farmer and had recently married his girlfriend, whom he killed on Tuesday. Neal accused his neighbors of cooking meth and creating fumes that were harmful to his nine dogs, his mother said.

All they are doing is trying to execute me here," he told her. Der Artikel wurde versandt. The body of the northern California gunman's wife was found beneath the floor of their home, authorities say. Michelle Mark , Business Insider.

Late on Tuesday, authorities found the body of Neal's wife concealed under the floorboards of her home. Police say Neal picked his targets randomly, driving around the community and shooting at people from his car before landing at the Rancho Tehama Elementary School.

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Neal was reportedly prohibited from owning guns Two women embrace outside Rancho Tehama Elementary School, where a gunman opened fire Tuesday, Nov. The body of the northern California gunman's wife was found beneath the floor of their home, authorities say The body of the northern California gunman's wife was found beneath the floor of their home, authorities say Police have identified the gunman who killed Michelle Mark.