The Keeper of the Hate

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Victor Valdes has been the first-choice shot-stopper for Barcelona for over a decade now. Sadly, as it always tends to be with the media, Valdes is receiving too much negative press regarding his situation at the club. In fact, the chances of the keeper leaving the club anytime soon are borderline silly. Cules should expect Valdes to remain at the Catalan club for many more years whether you are a fan of Valdes, as am I, or see his mistakes as too costly.

In this article, we will first visit the rumors leading to the belief that Valdes could leave. But most importantly, we will see why he should stay. The rumors began to circulate when Valdes made known that he had yet to begin discussions on a new contract. Sky Sports reported that he was interested in other cultures and was not sure what the future held. Of course, the media saw this as an opportunity. Whenever a player does not outright state that they will remain with a club, their future is immediately questioned. In fact, Valdes even stated that he would talk about his future with Barcelona when the time is right.

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The pure speculation that Valdes could want a move away from the club has prompted clubs such as Liverpool to ponder a move for the Catalan keeper per The Mirror. With enough ammunition, the media has plenty to use when questioning the future of the Barcelona keeper. With regards to the rumors of his desire to move away from the club to experience other cultures, the media has left out one glaring statement.

This does not seem like a statement from someone wanting to leave his current club. Keefe Sencen also has this ability, inherited from his mother, Lady Gisela. Sophie has the ability to enhance , or temporarily improve, someone's energy and ability just by touching them. Her body builds up energy in her fingertips and releases it through physical contact.

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This requires her to wear gloves whenever in public, so she doesn't accidentally boost someone's energy. Dex once attempted to give Sophie crush cuffs with a force-field that prevents the need for gloves, but she declined and, in the process, found out about his feelings for her. In Book 7: Flashback , Tinker makes her an invention that blocks her enhancing. The invention attaches to her fingernails.

She can turn on and off this effect by simply tapping her fingernails together. Forkle informed her that there is no way for her to lock it at any time, placing her in a precarious position because an enemy could force her to turn off the force field and enhance them.

She took the risk anyway because of the advantages the fake nails presented. This ability is not a result of her genetic modification, and it is stated that Mr. Forkle decided not to include this ability because of the risk it presents. Sophie may have never manifested this ability if Mr.

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Forkle hadn't triggered it in Lodestar. Sophie seemed to have had a very strong relationship with her human family, and still has one with her younger sister. She cried when the time came for her to be separated from them and fell into depression for a small amount of time. When Sophie left for the Lost Cities, Washers relocated her human family and wiped andy memory of Sophie so they didn't have to think their daughter died.

Their new names are Connor, Kate, and Natalie Freeman. She used to think her younger sister, Amy , was annoying, but when the time came for her to move to the Lost Cities and have her family's memories erased, she realized she cared for her. At the end of Lodestar , Sophie thought her family might be in danger from the Neverseen , so she visited their new home. She realized that the Neverseen had already been there. The Neverseen had kidnapped her parents, but her sister had successfully hidden from them. Seeing Sophie and hearing her speak returned Amy's memories of Sophie.

Fitz struck Sophie as very cute at first, and the two now have a strong bond. For their Cognate training, they have to reveal all of their secrets, which makes their relationship even more intimate. They greatly trust each other and understand each other's minds completely. They are always there for moral support, often crying or laughing together. Sophie and Fitz have developed a bond so strong they are capable of transmitting thoughts to one another from great distances.

Fitz was the elf that found her and showed her the Lost Cities. He was there when Sophie had to drug her family and leave them permanently, so he knows the pain she went through that day. Sophie has thanked Fitz for everything that day, saying that he introduced her to a new life.

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Sophie and Fitz are on friendly terms though Sophie seemed to have hoped for more, despite stating she clearly wasn't ready for a boyfriend. Sophie thought long and hard when she went out shopping for his present and was severely disappointed when Fitz did not get her anything special. She had gotten him something that was to thank him for her first day in the Elvin cities. It has been shown that Sophie has had a crush on Fitz since they first met. She thought he had beautiful eyes, and when she nearly lost hope, when she thought she was about to die, she thought of Fitz.

Fitz mourned her deeply and blamed himself, thinking that she'd died; however, he was one of the first people to find her after her escape. Fitz was overjoyed by Sophie's recovery after the light leaping incident, but he remained worried about her afterward. Throughout Exile , Sophie and Fitz were able to telepathically transmit to each other because Sophie's impenetrable mind fractured. Fitz could get into Sophie's head, but his voice was very loud and gave her painful migraines.

When Alden's mind broke, Fitz shut Sophie out, thinking she was to blame and that he should have been with his dad instead of her when Alden was injured.

Despite this, Sophie thinks that he had every right to be mad at her because he may have lost his father forever. Right before she healed Alden , he took her outside and privately apologized to her.

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She immediately accepted. In Everblaze , they grew closer together, and Mr. Forkle showed Fitz how to safely enter her mind. To do so, Fitz transmits "It's me," and her subconscious lets him in. They also both entered a Telepathy class with Sir Tiergan during Everblaze. They practiced many trust exercises, which involve revealing secrets.

Forkle and Granite said that they were going to train Sophie and Fitz as Cognates. Fitz was excited about the idea, but Sophie was nervous about revealing her crush on him. During Cognate training one day, Sophie almost told Fitz that she likes him, but Keefe interrupted.

Fitz continued to beg Sophie to reveal her secret to him throughout Neverseen and Lodestar. In Lodestar , they grew closer. Fitz was more open with Sophie and began to show more affection for her. He gave her Cognate rings as a Midterms gift, which she thought she liked "a little too much. Fitz may also have nearly kissed Sophie at one point, but Keefe interrupted before he could. During Nightfall , Fitz often gave Sophie gifts, despite having no special occasion as an excuse. She promised that after they saved her parents, she would reveal the secret she was hiding.

Keefe is one of Sophie's closest friends. He first met Sophie when she had to go see Elwin after alchemy while he was skipping class. Keefe and Sophie have been in detention together numerous times. He is an Empath and can feel Sophie's emotions much stronger than he can feel others', even when he is not in contact with her. Keefe likes to tease Sophie and sometimes even flirts with her. He's also the self-proclaimed president of the 'Foster Fan Club.

Instead of calling Sophie by her first name, Keefe frequently calls her Foster, as well as often making comments about "Team Foster-Keefe. Sophie and Keefe developed a deeper relationship in Exile , as he was her escort to the Black Swan base on Silveny , and he admitted to her that he hid behind jokes because that was how he dealt with life.

In Everblaze , Sophie and Keefe went on many mini-missions together, and when she wasn't at school or practicing Telepathy with Fitz , she was usually with Keefe , deciphering messages from the Black Swan.