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Rosacea, a frustrating condition with a pretty name, gets its own international awareness month each April. Triggers and causes. Rosacea can begin with a tendency to blush easily.

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At its most serious it affects the cheeks, forehead, chin and nose, and is characterised by deep redness, dilated blood vessels, small red bumps and even pimples. There may also be uncomfortable inflammation of the eyes and eyelids. The cause is uncertain, though it can be genetic and is especially visible in people with Celtic or Scandinavian heritage.

As there is no absolute cure it is helpful to have a diary of symptoms on hand if you choose to see a doctor. There are a variety of triggers that may make rosacea worse. These include vigorous exercise, sun, wind, stress and smoking. Dietary triggers are frequently cited as playing a role in flare-ups. Culprits include hot drinks coffee, some teas , alcohol, capsaicin found in spicy foods , and cinnamaldehyde found in chocolate, baked goods and some breads and fruit juices.

Dairy, gluten, sugar and fizzy drinks have also been linked to inflammation. Skincare ingredients that exacerbate redness include non fatty-alcohol listed on packaging as alcohol, SD alcohol or denatured alcohol and fragrance including essential oils and natural fragrance compounds like linalool and geraniol. Skincare cannot cure rosacea but choosing the right products is helpful in its management. There are a wide variety of soothing and reparative ingredients that benefit rosacea-prone skin.

Non-fragrant plant oils, hyaluronic acid, green tea, niacinamide and resveratrol are goodies to look for when shopping for serum and moisturiser.

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Recent research relating rosacea and acne flare-ups to intestinal wellbeing suggest taking a probiotic may also help keep skin calm. But have you ever considered a more natural route to treat it? If not, you may want to, as there are a number of benefits.

Acne Rosacea

Meet the Expert. Athena Ellen is a San Francisco based esthetician, aromatherapist, and founder of the Monastery skincare line. But before you start scouring your kitchen for any DIY treatments, there are a few things you need to know. We asked Ellen to break down everything we need to consider before reaching for a natural remedy for rosacea. Scroll down to see what she has to say.

To see what is the best option to treat your rosacea, you must first know that there are four different subtypes.

Depending on what you have, you can either get away with just using natural remedies or you will have to go to a doctor for treatment. According to Ellen, subtype one, which includes redness and swelling, and subtype two, which includes acne breakouts , can be treated with natural remedies. Rosacea is a chronic skin condition that results in inflammation and redness of the skin which can also develop into skin pustules.


Although antibiotics and light therapies are not cures, they can ease symptoms. If you've decided you want to try a natural remedy after identifying which subtype of rosacea you have, Ellen lays out the five most effective ones:. This may have contributed to a rise in people finding out about the condition and seeking treatment. The skin can become red and sore to the touch.

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  5. A rash of bumpy spots papules and pus-filled pustules can appear across your nose, cheeks and forehead. Men are also prone to thickening skin around the nose rhinophyma.

    10 Natural Remedies For Rosacea That Will Soothe Inflamed Skin

    Its cause is unknown, but there are theories that reactions to tiny mites that live on your skin, or to bacteria in your gut, may be involved. Rosacea often starts with flushing. Then around 15 years ago, when I was 38, I started getting the rash as well. It was probably in response to the stress of starting a new business.

    Skin Concerns - Rosacea Management

    But nothing worked. Finally, I turned to my GP, who took one look at my face and diagnosed mild rosacea. Like many people who live with rosacea, the biggest issue for me is the embarrassment the redness causes. Or your face is still bright red an hour after a gym workout.

    I sometimes try yoga breathing deep breaths in through the nose, slow breaths out of the mouth to calm myself down. Or, if I see people noticing, I explain the condition. Chalazions lumps in the eyelid which are not styes can become much more frequent. This sometimes painful irritation can often be controlled with regular eyelid hygiene.

    What is rosacea?

    You can use over-the-counter eyelid cleansing lotion, which comes in liquid form or wipes, to wipe your eyelids top and bottom in the morning and evening. My optician recommended daily eye drops to combat dryness. The good news is that long-term treatments can be very effective against the rash and spots. My doctor put me on a course of an antibiotic called oxytetracycline to clear up the initial rash.

    Rosacea treatment: Acne-like breakouts

    That was followed by a topical applied to the skin gel called metronidazole for eight weeks. And metronidazole gel is now used less frequently, with azelaic acid or another gel called ivermectin prescribed in its place. The redness can also be treated. For me, a dermatologist has recommended laser treatment, which shrinks the blood vessels that are visible without hurting the skin around them. There are also topical treatments to reduce redness — Dr Munn says that mirvaso gel is one that can work, although it can cause irritation for some people.