¿Tienes un minuto al día para mejorar tu salud? (Plus Vitae) (Spanish Edition)

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Bring your key issues, challenges, existing and emerging projects, provocative questions. The stuff you are working on now - or want to begin soon. Bring your team, a colleague, a sparring partner and ally. You will gain a common language, frame of reference to support each other and fuel your courage. Kathy ShapeShiftStrategies.

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Help transform the ways we all create, build, work, share, decide, imagine and organize. The Art of Hosting - Building confidence and capacity for complex challenges, tight budgets, and systemic crises. Are you working to create new patterns, policies, or paradigms in your organization or community? Are resource constraints forcing you to explore alternative business models and operating principles? The Art of Hosting offers tools for participatory leadership that can help generate the new thinking and energy needed to transform your organization, sector, or community.

Bring new models and theories of change to your leadership challenges. This gathering will be a learning space to grapple with the real, systemic problems in Nova Scotia and beyond. It will be an opportunity to learn and experience tools that are being applied in community, private and public sector, academic, healthcare, and educational settings, as well as social change efforts around the world.

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Creative processes to bring citizen input into the design of the public library, stadium, Nova Centre, and other community projects across HRM. Engagement and capacity building to create healthcare renewal in the face of demographic and budgetary challenges. Student associations and universities have begun to use AoH techniques to bring diverse perspectives to the table to co-create solutions for the challenges facing the education sector.

In a world that is becoming increasingly complex and fragmented, we need to know how to connect with each other — and ourselves — to make the change that is needed. The Art of Hosting will be a personal leadership and professional development practicum that will deepen your own capacity to affect transformation in yourself and in a complex world.

Come ready for three full days of learning, conversation, and transformation with new and old colleagues and friends.

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  7. Download PDF ¿Tienes un minuto al día para mejorar tu salud? (Plus Vitae) (Spanish Edition).

Dates: January , Please contact us to arrange this discount. Scholarships: Some partial scholarships are available.

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This style of leadership generates fresh thinking and creates a shared commitment to solving critical challenges in sustainable, inclusive ways. The Art of Hosting and harvesting conversations that matter is a participative approach used worldwide for leading, convening and engaging in conversations that cultivate mutual respect and create wise, long-term solutions for now and in the future.

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  • In this highly interactive training, we will explore principles of group dynamics and the methods that activate collective intelligence. Who should attend? Leaders, managers, facilitators, teachers, parents, community builders, public officials, social innovators, young, emerging leaders, and anyone attracted to the call! Registration does not include housing. What conceptions of leadership do we hold? How may I lead myself so I may lead others? What is needed to transition from individual to group leadership? How can we make decisions with the best possible outcome for all?

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    BOOK: info artofhosting. Max 60 participants — make sure to book your place today. How do we realize our ideas of new forms of living and working through participatory processes in order to turn crisis into potential? We offer a sliding scale participation fee for to Euros which includes the training and a light lunch. Does not invclude accommodation in the fee. Optional Learning trip in Athens city center 50 euro. We wish to make this training available to as many people as possible and do not want economy to be a barrier.

    If you wish to join us and cant afford to pay the lower price please contact Odysseas: email- Odysseas. Velentzas the-siz. Today's leaders need to be able to respond to a world that is increasingly complex and fragmented, where solutions and innovations lie not in one idea, viewpoint or leader, but in the larger field of our collective intelligence. The Art of Hosting Conversations that Matter is a 3-day workshop that employs a participative approach for leading, convening and engaging. Now practiced worldwide, it is a pattern of learning, strengthening relationships and getting to work.

    Shared practice. A format to support seeing together what we can't see alone. For creating together what can't be created alone. Are you ready for a different kind of conversation? What potential lies in our crises? What can we learn from the past? What is it like to be a human being in times of change? Let's not waste a crisis. He was born on May 5, in the year when the state of Denmark went bankrupt.

    e-book ¿Tienes un minuto al día para mejorar tu salud? (Plus Vitae) (Spanish Edition)

    Today we are also facing challenges — this time on a global scale. What potential lies in our economic, educational, political, environmental or even personal crisis? How can we co-create a future that works for all? How do we bring out the best in groups, bring more meaning into our life and work and foster innovation?

    AOH is based on bringing stakeholders together in conversation in order to find solutions for the common good. When human beings are invited to work together on what truly matters to them, when self organizing space is opened, people will take ownership and responsibility for moving their issues and ideas into wiser actions and innovative solutions that last.

    The AOH is more than a training program. We will work with, demonstrate, practice and explore how participatory methodologies can be used as a foundation for leadership and learning ingroups, teams, communities and organisations. Who should come? Leaders, managers, facilitators, trainers, teachers, consultants, social innovators, entrepreneurs, community and youth workers - people who are interested in arranging their work, their teams and their organisations in more participatory and meaningful ways.

    The training includes:. Registrations due to 15th April Places are limited, so sign up early! Wir laden Sie ein, mit einander neue Wege der Zusammenarbeit zu erforschen, die uns helfen, kreative und innovative Losungen fur die drangenden Fragen unserer Zeit zu finden. Mai in der Propstei St.

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    • Lo mejor de ti: 7 pasos para mejorar tu vida diaria?
    • How to focus our personal energies to move forward in a common direction? We believe that none of the questions of today can be solved using the methods of the past. We believe that a hall of people cannot be lectured by one person and taught what they should do. We believe that today the best decisions are taken in group conversations, with the participation of all parties concerned.

      Lo mejor de ti: 7 pasos para mejorar tu vida diaria

      This is a 3-day training in which together we will learn how to:. Over 3 days we will have the opportunity to participate and practice the hosting of conversations that address some of the complex challenges of our community. The Art of Participatory Leadership could provide you with the opportunity to find solutions:. Una oportunidad para experimentar el liderazgo participativo, junto a personas que aspiran a descubrir nuevas formas de trabajar juntas y lograr resultados What does it take to work with our many differences instead of in spite of them?